We have requirement in which the first step of Automation should be a Triggered Send ( Sending an email based on the Salesforce custom field).

Procedure will be like :

  • Triggered Send ( Update Salesforce record from another system and this should sent an email to customer). This is done and working.
  • A journey should start over immediately after this sending a new mail to contact.
  • Sent a follow up mail after 4 Days after a particular step.
  • Sent another mail after 1 Days (Just after above step)

Am sure we can achieve the 2,3,4 steps using Automation Studio and 1 using triggered Send.

But is it possible to Fire a Triggered Send to start this Journey? How to achieve this?


They would likely have to be two separate calls sent at same time. Have one API call hitting the triggered email and then a second consecutive API call activating the Automation (for steps 2, 3 and 4).

Other than that, you would have to change the triggered email to a User-Initiated email and set the automation as a triggered automation and just have the api call drop a CSV file into the FTP for each new event (to trigger the automation). Depending on volume, this may not be the best approach.

Or finally you can have a timestamp on the trigger email and have it fill into a collect sendable data extension (so there is only a single record per email address) and then run daily automations for day 4 email and day 5 email based on filters of the collect DE.

There may be a more elegant solution through SDK or API, but without building too much custom code, the above are the only solutions I can think of.

  • Hi Gortonington, Its seems we need to invoke an API to drop a new file into the enhanced FTP folder. Can you please advise me on how we can achieve this? Is there any helpful doc available? Please share
    – Ragesh
    Jul 30 '15 at 6:03

It seems to be a limitation from ExactTarget that they currently do not support the Integration from Salesforce for dropping files into the Enhanced FTP folder.

See their response :

"Hi Ragesh,

You would need to set up a triggered automation to listen to the specified FTP folder, then when you use the third party app like Filezilla to transfer a file into that folder, the automation starts.

For the Salesforce part, that's not currently possible, it's a limitation of the current integration."

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