I have a picklist Countries__c in that values United States US, United Kingdom UK, India IN these are the picklist values. Now My Scenario is I want to select United Kingdom UK it will be populated as UK in another Formula field.

Thanks in advance.

Can you Please Tell me how to make formula for this...?

  • can you leverage OOB SFDC State and Country picklists? – cropredy Jul 24 '15 at 0:26

When using a picklist in a formula that will eventually resolve to multiple values, use CASE, which is very efficient and designed for the exact task you're looking for:

Case(Country__c, "United States US", "US", "United Kingdom UK", "UK", "International")

Check out the Help & Training reference for the CASE formula.

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As your code will always be of 2 Character and placed in most right side this will work for you:

RIGHT(TEXT(Countries__c), 2) enter image description here

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  • This has the benefit of working no matter how many countries you have in your picklist, without having to list them in the formula. – Jeremy Nottingham Jul 24 '15 at 11:58

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