When I, as an admin, create a new user, if I mistakenly provide an invalid email address in the email field for that user, will I get any failure notification or email from Salesforce? Is there any way for me to know that the email address I provided was invalid?


I've just tested this. If you're talking about validation, yes: enter image description here

However, if you're talking about an incorrect e-mail address. I've not had any notification from Salesforce when submitting one. Presumably you'd need to liaise with the user if they haven't had their password creation e-mail and double-check the e-mail they gave you is correct.

Hope this helps!


No you won't get a notification if it was an incorrect email (not invalid, formatting-wise). However, you can always go to users and filter the list by last login to see which users haven't logged into your org yet.

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