The system does not show me the controller debug log of my VF page.

the VF page is viewed with site. and I added a guest user as a monitoring user.

Any Idea?

  • Also add your current user as a monitoring user. try this if it help you – Tushar Sharma Jul 22 '15 at 9:30
  • Still can't view my controller debugging! – LoveLace Jul 22 '15 at 9:33
  • Go to Monitoring>Debug log. Where you would normally put the username, put the name of the Site. For example: If your site is called MySite, enter MySite as the user name. Shockingly undocumented, but this gives you the debug you're looking for. – Tushar Sharma Jul 22 '15 at 9:36
  • Did you follow above step. – Tushar Sharma Jul 22 '15 at 9:36
  • Yes, it said there's no user with this name – LoveLace Jul 22 '15 at 9:38

Have you checked your VisualForce Debug Log Level Settings? If its level is set to ERROR, then you won't be able to view what's happening until it breaks.


Short version: Go to [Your Name]> Developer Console> Click on Debug menu> Change Log Levels.

Once here, change your VisualForce log level to Fine. Now, reset your logs for the users you are tracking and load your page.enter image description here


When i started working with Force.com Sites i faced this problem many a times.

The page i try to access will say there is an error occurred and when i try to check the debug logs, there won't be an invocation of any of my controller methods.

So if i check the debug logs for the user(either portal user or guest user) i will be getting debug logs which have only the getters and setters for the variables in controller.

If you notice keenly, the last getter or setter would be the last executed code and failed there itself without moving further.

So i start investigating those specific setters and getters and found the reasons.

Hope this helps.

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