I have a visualforce page (importContacts) which will take users through two flows of screen. The first is to give an option of which type of contact i.e. temporary/permanent. Upon selecting from the selectRadio and clicking next button, I want to be able to display a table of contact based on the selection option without redirecting to a new page and without using flow:interview.


The way I like to this is by using the rendered and reRender attributes.

<apex:form id='theForm>
    <apex:commandButton id='button' action="{!myAction}" reRender="theForm"/>
     // rendered if boolean variable in controller is true
     <apex:pageBlock rendered="{!displayQuestions}">

           //Your questions section goes here

     // rendered if boolean variable in controller is true
     <apex:pageBlock rendered={!displayContactList}>  

            //your contact list goes here


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