I would preferably like to use a point-and-click approach or an appexchange app which helps me accomplish that?

Also, if there is an app for recursive delete of data, that would be fantastic.

  • Is this a one off or ongoing requirement? – Michael Gill Jul 21 '15 at 20:55

Data loader would be the way to go (unless there is more to your questions).

Easy way, build a report the uses the criteria you needto select the records, , including the record id , export it, then use data loader to delete the records.


You can use developer console to run one liner that deletes around 10,000 records in each run. Assuming you want to delete accounts your code will be

delete([select id from Account limit 9999]);

You can also use workbench for deleting a single record or mass delete using csv file


You can write a batch for mass delete. Logic should count the total no. of records and run the batch once for every 10000 records.

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