On Case Feed Layout, there are couple of QuickActions - such as "Email", Log-a-call, Log an Activity.


When i send an email (or log a call, or log an activity) using these actions, i can see it reflects in "Activity History" of the case. But the field "Type" of those activities is not set. Is there a way for me to set it (see the pic below)? No "Type" on activity history

If an email was sent, i want corresponding activity history to have Type=Email. If a call was logged, i want its corresponding activity history to have Type=Call.

Would it be possible to do it if i create my own custom Action?

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You can write a field update in workflow to set the type field based on the record types or something which suits you in this scenario.


The acitivities are automatically logged in history (standard feature)

To achieve what you want -

  • You will have to create an apex trigger on Task "event - before insert".
  • You will have to check for for subject.
  • If subject starts with 'Email' then assign 'Email' to Type field.
  • If subject starts with 'Call' then assign 'Call' to Type field.
  • Yes i thought about using trigger or workflow (both solutions suggested here), but i need to find a better identifier. Subject line can change. Infact, subject line WILL change with each case. Agent can choose any subject he wants to put in there. Is there a better identifier? Any way i can do this via custom actions (I am very new to salesforce)?
    – user21352
    Commented Jul 21, 2015 at 14:37

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