I'm trying to write a validation rule that evaluates a record type name, against a multi-select picklist on User. However, the INCLUDES statement only works with a text literal value. Is there a workaround?


So in the above: The user is attempting to add a junction record to a contact that links the Contact to a Research Item. Users should only be able to relate Research Items of certain record types (although they have access to see them all). On the User object, we have a multi-select picklist with the names of the record types, and you choose which record types are applicable.

For example: Bob is supposed to be able to assign the "Analysis" recordtypes to the contact, so his user record has "Analysis" selected in the multi-select. Sue should not be able to relate "Analysis" Research Items to a contact, so she does not have that item added to her user record. The validation rule should throw a message if Sue tries to add an "Analysis" item to her contacts.



Seems like there is no way to convert Text into Text Literal.
Idea link : INCLUDES() should accept TEXT() as well as text literals

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