How to create a multiple contacts if the last name of lead object field contain two or more names in salesforce for eg if i put last name as a "Bosnon, Bonny mankotia" in a last name field of lead object.Its create new contact of Bonny mankotia after lead conversion?


You cannot really alter the standard lead conversion process. But if this is critical , you have couple of ways to do it. I am highlighting only one -

  • Implement an after update trigger on Lead.
  • In the trigger, check for the value isConverted=true.
  • if yes, then fetch the ConvertedContactId field from lead.
  • Using this field, Query on contact object and fetch the contact LastName.
  • Split the last Name by Comma.
  • The list of string will give you give you elements corresponding to number of names.
  • Edit the existing contact to reflect the correct name by removing text post commas.
  • Create new instance of Contact(s) for other elements in the list of string and insert new contacts

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