On a Visualforce Page, apex:inputCheckbox isn't checked even though its value is true.

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On both the Page and the Code, the apex:inputCheckbox is highlighted in red, and the value of the input is highlighted in blue. Why are't the Checkboxes checked? What could I be doing wrong?

I verified there is no JavaScript acting on the Checkboxes.

Upon inspection, the HTML says the input's checked="checked", but after adding onmouseover="console.log('checked: ' + $(this).is(':checked'));" to the apex:inputCheckbox, and the Console's log says

checked: false

The Checkbox is definitely not checked. And when I save the records without re-checking the Checkbox, the controller reads isSelected as false.


I took off the styleClass on the apex:inputCheckbox, and they checked.

I'm using a VF Template, and the Parent had JavaScript that was unchecking the Checkboxes.

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