Is there a way on an overridden page to specify certain URL parameters? Specifically, I'm looking to set the "rowsperlist" for a related list.

This is how I'd like the overridden URL to look for a related list w/ ID "CorrList" on a page w/ ID "MyContact":


FYI - The related list is identified as MyContact:CorrList.


It doesn't look like this is possible, because overriding the standard 'view' link for an sObject only allows you to specify a Visualforce page (or an S-Control), and to do this you would need to be able to specify a URL.

Workarounds for this require a controller extension. I think it's a safe assumption that you are using a controller extension, since you wouldn't be able to use your URL parameters otherwise.

Possible workarounds:

  • Hard-code the default(s) for your rowsperlist variable in the constructor of the controller extension instead of pulling it from pagereference.getParameters()
  • Set up a custom setting to hold your default value (or values), and pull the custom setting in the constructor of the controller extension
  • Sorry - I never posted the answer - I didn't see the parameter for the related list before, and that did what I was looking to do. I didn't have a custom controller, since the object and its relationships are so complicated that pulling everything needed by the page was a mess (apparently "agile" can mean "we change our requirements every 20 minutes") – HungryBeagle Oct 7 '15 at 13:32

I found I should have used the "pageSize" parameter for the related list:

<apex:relatedList id="CorrList" list="Correspondence_To_Contacts__r" title="Correspondence" pageSize="500" />

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