Sales Path allows the dynamic display of up to five fields plus guidance text customised by opportunity record type and stage, but is available in Salesforce1 only at this time.

If I open an opportunity in mobile-emulation mode in a browser, the URL is something like


How could I open this URL in a Visualforce page? I would then expose this VF page as a tab in a custom console component in the Salesforce Console in order to present the Sales Path view of the opportunity on desktop.


I just tried using the link in my dev org and got this to come up in Chrome. I did it using Chrome's Developer Tools set for Mobile Emulation. Here's a screen shot of what it would look like.


It came up as a Lightning Page which as you can see, didn't look anything like what's on the link you referred us to. Regardless, this isn't going to show up as a regular desktop app. You'd need open it in its own tab and it won't have the full functionality of the SF1 app. It will slide between the 3 screen, at least it does for me. I just don't see the Decision Maker Guidance functionality which I think is what you're looking for.

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  • I should have included a screenshot - the Decision Maker Guidance dies display nicely. I think the parameter in the URL must refer to the Sales Path defined and activated for a given record type, so you would need to define a sales Path in your organisation, then open an opportunity in /one/one.app to get the URL parameter for your sales path. – Scott_in_London Jul 15 '15 at 17:23

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