If I use %%[IF NOT EMPTY (@type_dsc3) AND (@p_price3) THEN]%% it won't check if p_price3 is empty.

If I use %%[IF NOT EMPTY (@type_dsc3 AND @p_price3) THEN]%% I get an error

Help, I'm sure it's something simple but I can't figure out what I'm missing.


Should be:

%%[IF NOT EMPTY(@type_dsc3) AND NOT EMPTY(@p_price3) THEN]%%
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    How to declare !=(Is Not equal to) in Lookuprows. Here Stat attribute value is 3 but i want show !=3 values. LookupRows("MyDE","Status",@Stat) – Sfdcprgmr Jan 21 at 9:19

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