Guys need some help in figuring out where I am going wrong. I am getting the above error at line 3. Any help is appreciated.

private class LabsContactLookupPopupController_Test {
    public static testMethod void testSearch() {
        System.runAs( System.runAs(TestDataUtil.createUser('TestUser'))){
            Id appOwnerId = TestDataUtil.appOwner_Creation(testContactLookup);
            String appOwnerId_String = String.valueOf(appOwnerId);
            LabsContactLookupPopupController controller = new LabsContactLookupPopupController();
            List<Contact> resultContact = controller.getContacts();

Thanks, Dinesh


Edit: removing my snippy comments because you formatted it properly right after.

You have System.runAs( System.runAs(. Remove one of them and it will compile, assuming your utility method is sound.

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