I have created flow + Process Builder to do a lookup relationship Count on parent object. My issues is I have a validation rule which fires when user try to deleted last child record from the related list. The validation rule is firing as an error. I don't know how to catch this error and display it in the page. There should not be any visualforce page is my requirement.

trigger JobApplicationTrigger on Job_Application__c (after delete) {
        for(Job_Application__c jobapp : Trigger.old)
           Map<String, object> param= new Map<String,object>();
           Flow.Interview.DeleteJobAppRec_flow flow = new Flow.Interview.DeleteJobAppRec_flow(param);
    catch(DMLException err)
      new Job_Application__c().addError('You got an Error :'+err);   

I got a work around. I don't know is it a right approach but it solved my problem. I am checking the validation condition is before trigger if condition is not satisfied i am throwing an error using addError() method so that Flow is not executed.

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