I am trying to write a query that would find any Data Extension that has been added to the system within the past day and the data extension name begins with "ABC" for example. I then want to pull all email addresses from the "Email" column within those data extensions and add them to a different data extension. I was thinking it would be something like:

Select  Email (somehow find all DE's that start with ABC) 
From DE's
Where (Date is less then or equal to 24 hours ago)

Any ideas? Thanks Ben

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There isn't a built-in means in SFMC to determine if "any Data Extension ... has been added to the system in the past day".

You could set up a Script Activity* in Automation Studio and use the SSJS API to retrieve all of the Data Extensions and create a Query Definition that includes the new Data Extensions from first API call with API and execute it.

*SFMC Support will have to enable Script Activities for you. They are not enabled by default.

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