I have created a site in our QA enviornment with contents, articles with zones, chatter with categories and various permission sets based on profile including branding. I would now like to move this to production. Is there a way to import the site to production with all the contents and data? Or should I need to recreate it on production once again?

  • Any answer for this ?
    – Gops
    Jul 9, 2015 at 15:49

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This is feasible with the Force.com Migration Tool. A good link is here. A downside is that this is relatively complicated and there are no audits, unlike with Change Sets.

As per the Change Sets documentation, it is feasible to move Communities (Zones) and Permission Sets to Production. It looks like enabling Chatter and corresponding categories will have to be made manually.

A good start point to refer to Change Sets can be found here.


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