I want to use keystroke events to check the limit of a rich text box . I am using Input field for that. As we are not able to directly use events for inputfield for rich text box . Is there a way so that i can use events on inputfield which is holding rich text ??

 function testMe(e , f){
     if(f != '0'){

<apex:actionFunction name="runMeApex" action="{!testAction}" rerender="Details">

<apex:inputText value="{!w.name}" onkeyup="testMe(event);" />

you can use action function to check the limit of a rich text box using key up event. here i have only given a deme code if you want to run you code then either you can crate you own controller or you can use java script.

  • For <apex:inputText> events can be placed directly I am asking can we fire events on <apex:inputField> ?? – vishal tandon Jul 7 '15 at 9:16
  • yes, events can be directly placed in <apex:inputfield> – Ajay Dubedi Jul 7 '15 at 9:26
  • i have tried using a simple function to display an alert message ... it was working fine for everything but not for rich text area... – vishal tandon Jul 7 '15 at 10:45

You can use plain vannila Javascript to do this.

The Visualforce portion will look like

<apex:outputPanel id="myTASize12">{!LEN(i_objRMADeviceDetail.Problem_Description__c)} / 250</apex:outputPanel>                                                                                            
<apex:inputField id="ProbDescriptFld" value="{!i_objRMADeviceDetail.Problem_Description__c}" label="Problem Description:" html-maxlength="250"onchange="ShowCharCount(this, 250, '{!$Component.myTASize12}');" onmousedown="ShowCharCount(this, 250, '{!$Component.myTASize12}');" onkeyup="ShowCharCount(this, 250, '{!$Component.myTASize12}');" onkeydown="ShowCharCount(this, 250, '{!$Component.myTASize12}');" onclick="ShowCharCount(this, 250, '{!$Component.myTASize12}');"/>

The Javascript method look like

function ShowCharCount(myTA,maxSize,SizeLabel) {                  
    if(myTA.value.length > maxSize)
        myTA.value = myTA.value.substring(0,maxSize);
    document.getElementById(SizeLabel).innerHTML = myTA.value.length + ' / 250';

The user won't be able to enter more than 250 characters in the input field. We are showing the counter on top of it aswell.

Hope it helps.

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