There are cloudy differences mentioned here, but I feel there are more differences.

What are the differences between High Volume Customer Portal license and Authenticated Website license? I am aware that these licenses are very similar and have very few differences between them.

Is there any table explaining the differences between these two licenses?

Edit: Please note that High Volume Customer Portal license is different from Customer Portal Manager license, hence my question is not a duplicate of this question: Customer Portal Manager vs Authenticated Website.


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The main difference is the price and the objects you can access. The following help page has more detail:


Authenticated Web Site is the Platform Portal and has read and create access on ideas and questions and answers, and read-only access to documents, knowledge, price books, and products.

The High Volume Portal is the Service Cloud Portal and has access to accounts, assets, cases, contacts, custom objects, documents, ideas, and questions

The following Venn diagram by Steven Herod shows the relationships between the various license types:

Salesforce Portal user licences


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