Possible red herring, but this seems to coincide with the release of Spring '13. On a Case record:

  1. if a support engineer clicks "Send an Email", an email is sent to the Case Contact's email. [good]

  2. if a support engineer clicks "New Case Comment", an email is sent to the Portal User's email. [bad, last week it would be sent to the Case Contact's email.]

The new behaviour affecting 2. is problematic because the Portal User's email may not be the Case Contact's email. I recognize one is created from the other, but there are circumstances when they are out of sync:

  • the customer changes their email address, we update the Contact but forget the Portal User,
  • in Social Sign On implementations, where we don't want the user to have a username/password because they would be able to circumvent Auth.RegistrationHandler.updateUser()

Is the recipient of a Case Comment Notification configurable to use the Case Contact's email address?

Does best practise dictate keeping Contact.Email and User.Email in sync?

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    Certainly looks to be a bug, I've been impacted by it as well. We've dropped back to sending all emails from outlook until this can be cleared up - not the best solution for automation! Commented Feb 8, 2013 at 0:41

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I agree with amrcn_werewolf.

You can go into Setup -> Create -> Workflow & Approvals -> Workflow Rules.

  • Click on New Workflow Rule
  • Choose the Object you want the rule to be associated with (ex: Case Comment)
  • Name the rule and give a description. I tried creating a rule where the field is Case Comment: Published equals True.
  • Click Save and Next
  • Add A workflow Action: New Email Alert
  • Choose Recipient Type Search: Related Contact.
  • Then once a new case comment is created it will go to the contact and the portal user
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    An anonymous user noted: That would be even better if it works. If you try this manipulation, you will see that when you apply a workflow to the object "case comment" the option "related contact" as recipient is not available. Commented Dec 24, 2013 at 16:13

Rather than using the built-in case comment notification system, did you consider creating a workflow with an email alert instead? The email alert can be set to send only to the contact on the case.

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