I created the connected app and everything is working fine. I am able to generate Oauth2 tokens and query objects. However if want to see/change the Oauth2 details like callback URL, I cannot see it in the connected App screen.

My user Id has sys admin rights and it also has "Manage connected Apps rights" by default. What am I missing?

The only settings that I am able to change by going to the "connected app" menu are Oauth policies


If you want to see/change the OAuth details then you need to go to Setup > Create > Apps and select your app from the Connected Apps section, rather than using Setup > Manage Apps > Connected Apps which is what it sounds like you are doing at the moment.

This will only work in the Org that you created the Connected App in, any Orgs that make use of the Connected App cannot change these details.

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    Thanks for your help Alex. That was the mistake I was making indeed by going to Setup > Manage Apps > Connected Apps instead of Setup > Create > Apps. This is a bit confusing. – Prabhat Jul 3 '15 at 0:32
  • Issue was driving me nuts too, albeit on the new "lightning" GUI. Figured it out, for this GUI, select Setup and then on (the default) Home tab, on the left-side menu, choose Platform Tools -> Apps -> App Manager, instead of -> Apps -> App Exchange Marketplace -> Connected Apps -> Manage Connected Apps. – Glen Mazza Jun 21 '17 at 22:32

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