We want to load the parent-child data from an Oracle database into ExactTarget using the data layout below. I'm looking if is possible to load in the normalized data format without converting the file into a normalized format like a flat record (all the child values in 1 record).

| ID  | Name | Preference    |
| 123 | abc  | travel        |
| 123 | abc  | entertainment |
| 123 | abc  | food          |

Please advise.


Yes. That's no problem.

Data Extensions are essentially database tables in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. You can define primary keys to accommodate the example you've provided.

You can use Query Activities to segment/transform your Data Extension data.

Audience Builder also provides a means to corral your normalized data -- but it's all Data Extensions behind the scenes.

Data can be loaded into Data Extensions using Import Activities or via API.


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