is there any seperate method available for creating incident in ENTERPRISE WSDL of remedyforce?

Any suggestion regarding this would be great!


As best I can tell remedyforce is produced by BMC.

From the page Remedyforce API - Webervices, Wsdl

Log in as a System Administrator then go to Setup | Develop | API. On the API WSDL page you may then choose which WSDL to generate and download. I typically choose Enterprise WSDL.

You can then develop any web service client you need for interfacing with Salesforce / Remedyforce in Java, C#, etc.

Check out Salesforce's SOAP API Developer's Guide too.

On the same page:

You can define methods in that class that take a BMCServiceDesk__Incident__c object as a parameter.

So, assuming the user that generated the Enterprise WSDL has access to incident and the Enterprise WSDL was generated after the managed package was installed you should be able to create() the required records. You will be creating BMCServiceDesk__Incident__c records.

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