Is it possible to make id with expression and literal string?

Like if I have an attribute called ownerId and I want the div to have id="ownerIdvalue+appendedString"

For example, if my ownerId value is 345ABC and the div id to have a string 'New' following the ownerIdvalue. I know I can make the div id to be the same as the attribute value by <div id='{!v.ownerId}', but not sure how to make the div id to be '345ABCNew'.



I figured it out after multiple times modifying the id. This works

 <div id="{!'New' + v.ownerId}"></div>
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You can make whatever "id" you want for non-managed elements, including from merge fields. This is acceptable:

<div id="{!owner.name}{!somevalue}">...

For managed elements-- those that start with a namespace like apex or c, you must use literal values.

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  • that syntax doesn't work for some reasons. I got it to work by using <div id="{!'New' + v.ownerId}"></div> – zeo2396 Jun 24 '15 at 19:12

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