There are a lot of questions about time based workflows here, but I didn't see the answer to mine.

I have a time based workflow rule. The entry criteria is true when a checkbox is checked. Now there should be a time based workflow, which unchecks this field, when a certain date is reached, like:

One hour after Customer_Protection_Date__c

Now my question is the following: If a user changes the Customer_Protection_Date__c, will the time based workflow still execute for the "Old" date? Or will it be updated and only fire when the new date is reached?

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It will only fire when the new date is reached, but only if that new date is in the future.

Extract from the documentation:

What happens if I update the value of a date field used in a time trigger?

Salesforce recalculates the time trigger as long as the time trigger has not yet fired and the recalculation does not reschedule the time trigger to a date in the past.

Example: If a Workflow Rule alerts the Opportunity owner seven days before the Opportunity Close Date and the close date is set to 2/20/2008, Salesforce sends the alert on 2/13/2008. If you update the Close Date to 2/10/2008 and the current date is 2/2/2008 or before, Salesforce reschedules the alert for 2/3/2008. The evaluation date of pending actions is ALWAYS reevaluated and updated (if necessary) irrespective of the rule criteria. Of course, if the rule is evaluated to false, it does not matter as the actions are removed from the queue.


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