I'm looking for a way to show an alert / a notification / a popup or similar for the user which has been assigned a task? It should be nearly real time, that is if user have browser window open it must be shown instantly after the task has been assigned. Is it possible at all? Alternatives?

I assume it has something to do with the triggers, programming apex class and designing a view in the visualforce?

Could someone put me on the right path please?

I'm not new to various programming paradigms, just not sure where or how to start in the salesforce.

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We had a similar challenge. When we reassigned a record, we needed to have the new owner receive an email notification AND and mobile notification on their phone (near instantly).

Our solution was a Trigger/Flow which would create a Chatter Post on the record on behalf of the user that changed owner, like:

@[userName], this lead has just been assigned to you. Please follow-up within the next 24 hours!

This approach did 3 things, without any code

  1. Push Notification received on mobile device, for salesforce1 users
  2. Email notification set to employee's email, since there was an @Mention
  3. Chatter Feed acted as an audit trail, and allowed easier communication/response with management.

You could do this with a Home Page Component (narrow) and the Streaming API.

Your PushTopic.query would look something like:

'SELECT Id FROM Task WHERE OwnerId = \'' + UserInfo.getUserId() + '\''

Not sure if you want a different lookup field but that's the idea. Whenever your listener picks up an insert, you can kick off whatever popup you want.

You might want to look into this approach.

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