I have a sharepoint app in which I call salesforce REST API.

I have obtained access_token successfully from the app, (using username-password flow) but when I try to access some resources such as https://instance.salesforce.com/services/data/v30.0/sobjects/Account/ID given the access token inside 'Authorization' header attribute, it responds 401 error saying, The remote server returned the following error while establishing a connection - 'Unauthorized'.

But when I use chrome REST client and do the same request with same access_token it works fine.

Note that sharepoint platform call the REST API on behalf of the client.

Is there any authorized list of hosts that can invoke REST API ?

What am I missing ?


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I'm not certain if this applies to your situation or not, but I strongly suspect it does. See Knowledge Article Number: 000214836

Integration Options for Salesforce files

With the Summer '15 release there are several integration options for Salesforce Files and external systems:

Files Sync - this allows bidirection synchronization of files from the desktop of your local machine with Salesforce files For Setup Information see: Install Salesforce Files Sync, Enable Salesforce Files Sync and Grant Users Access to Salesforce Files Sync

  • Secure agent for on premise Sharepoint 2010 or 2013 ( requires a paid permission set license, “Files Connect for on-premises external data sources.”)

  • Files Connect for SharePoint Online or One Drive for Business

  • Files Connect for Google Drive.

For Files Connect setup information see: The Files Connect Setup Process

If not, it may be an issue related to not having set up inbound webservices and whitelisted the endpoint.

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