Is it possible to have two control fields for a picklist field?Can we achieve it by Visualforce?

I have three fields.Sold (Checkbox), Onsite (Picklist) and FlagStatus(Picklist).

If Sold field is checked, FlagStatus should display only two values(Mandatory,Optional). If any value from Onsite is selected, then it should display another two values(Decline,Accept).

Please help with this. Thanks.

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You can use onchange javascript (javascript function control the picklist values) on Sold and FlagStatus to control(add/remove) the value of Onsite pick-list on runtime. (Just a thought you need to identify what happens to Onsite pick-list when both Sold and FlagStatus are selected).

Thanks Pradeep


My suggestion is to create multiple picklist for FlagStatus and render a particular picklist according to the values selected in other controls.

Following example would be helpful for you,

reRender commandButton depending on selectOption value in visualforce

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