I have date field "dt" which debug like '2015-06-25', and I have to change the format like 06/25/2015. Since we can't use .format('MM/DD/YYYY') on date field. I have converted it to DateTime.

DateTime dtt = datetime.newInstanace (dt.Year(),dt.month().dt.day()) ;

Now when I debug dtt ,it's coming as 2015-06-25 07:00:00 , Don't know how 7 is coming. anyways when I try to change the format..

dtt.format('MM/DD/YYYY') is coming as 06/176/2015 but it should come 06/25/2015

please help . Thanks


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The format method uses the Java Simple Date Format in which the meaning of D and d are different

D : Day in year

d : Day in month

so if you replace Capital D with small d it should work


You already have a date 'as a date', not as a string. The format you are talking about (2015-06-25 07:00:00) is just a visual representation of a value contained in variable of a DateTime type. If you want the date to appear in the specified format (06/25/2015), just output it using format() method:

Datetime yourDate = Datetime.now();
String dateOutput = yourDate.format('dd/MM/yyyy');

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