The below validation rule works fine but I'm curious to know how can I show the required error message next to the field? As you can see below I have multiple fields and I have selected to show the error on top of the page since I have two fields to validate for ISBLANK is that possible in Validation Rule? or do I have to use VF Page to do that?

AND(ISPICKVAL(Status__c, "Completed")
 ISBLANK(Last_Completion_Date__c) //you can multiple fields just by adding here....   

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No, you can't have a single Validation Rule attach messages to multiple fields. You would either need to make a separate Validation Rule for each field, or do the validation logic in a simple trigger and apply the messages to each field with record.fieldname.addError(String)


One way would be to create 2 separate validation rules so that you can apply the error to each field. So instead of the OR condition you would have 2 separate validation rules for each of the Dates.


you can not add error message to multiple fields if you are checking multiple fields in your validation rule. If u want to show error message on multiple fields, then you have to make a trigger for this. plz mark as answer if it solves your issue. Thanks

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