I’m using SalesForce v 33.0 and I am trying to write a single query that, given a number of account ids, can identify the team members (their first name, last name, and email) whose roles are designated as “Manager”. I would like to figure out with which accounts these team members are associated. I have this

Select Id, AccountId From AccountTeamMember WHERE TeamMemberRole = 'Manager' and AccountId in ('001F000001INbk8', '001F000001INbk7', ...) 

but I am stuck because I don’t know how to associate the AccountTeamMemember object back to a Contact object where the first name, last name, and email data live.

I will eventually use the results of this query with the Java API.


AccountTeamMembers are related to User objects, not contacts. In SOQL you can access lookup relationships via dot-nation as fields to return in your statement. For your requirements you can do this like:

Select Id, AccountId, User.FirstName, User.LastName, User.Email From AccountTeamMember
WHERE TeamMemberRole = 'Implementation Manager' 
and AccountId in ('001F000001INbk8', '001F000001INbk7', ...)

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