I have a rich text field called Signature__c that contains a JPEG image. This custom field is under Contact object. Now I want to display this image in a VF page which is rendered as PDF.

I used the following format:

<apex:OutputField value="{!PurchaseOrder__c.Contact_r.Signature__c}"/>`

where PurchaseOrder is a custom object that has a lookup field for contacts.

But I am unable to print the image into pdf. It displays blank.

Please kindly throw some light on this.

  • It is working now. i was referring to wrong field. – Divya Jun 15 '15 at 11:35

If the Image that's there on RTA field is to be rendered on PDF, use :

<apex:outputText value="name of the field" escape="false"/>

escape="false" attribute considers the HTML tags as is and not as String.

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