VAR @value, @dec, @email, @other, @null
SET @email = emailaddr
SET @null = 
SET @value = Lookup("Encrypted Jimmy Testing","EncrypText","emailAddress",@email)
SET @dec = Base64Decode(DecryptSymmetric(@value, 'tripledes', @null, 'TestKey', @null, @null, @null, @null))

Testing stuff<br />
%%=v(@email)=%%<br />
%%=v(@value)=%%<br />
%%=v(@dec)=%%<br />

I get the error: An error occurred when attempting to evaluate a DecryptSymmetric function call. See inner exception for details.

The encrypted string is: U2FsdGVkX184wRqUXjZxreLHvWAasKdGgp90k0oXRsXYIJ6ZAJnoEJUX9GcsSZUfUEd97FuDsLD67mNUBAUENA==

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    Please post the details about how the string was encrypted in the data extension. Pretty sure all of the parameters after the password cannot be null. Jun 12 '15 at 22:09

I assume you encrypted the data somehow that didn't use the EncryptSymmetric() function. AMPScript's Symmetric Crypto functions are intended to only be used within the Marketing Cloud vs 3rd party encryption/decryption. If you have a compelling reason to go down the road of using a symmetric encryption outside the MC environment there is a blog post written by a partner that covers the topic.

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