I am trying to make a formula date field with will show Today's date ifa specific picklist value is selected. Here is what I have come up with

IF(ISPICKVAL(Debit_Success__c , "Suspended"),TODAY())

I am getting an error that "Incorrect number of parameters for function 'IF()'. Expected 3, received 2"

Any idea about if I am missing something here will be much appreciated

Thank you very much


You need to specify one more parameter in IF condition, with the value that needs to be shown if the condition is not satisfied.

IF(ISPICKVAL(Debit_Success__c , "Suspended"),TODAY(),TODAY()-5)

Replace TODAY()-5 with your value.

  • If i donot want to give any other value, can put "null" then?? for example IF(ISPICKVAL(Debit_Success__c , "Suspended"),TODAY(),null) – syed88 Jun 11 '15 at 16:38
  • Yeah. Please try. If not null you should be able to put "" – Victor Jun 11 '15 at 16:38

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