I am currently trying to Update and Insert to collections of SObjects.

I perform the actions(update&insert) separately, obtaining a Database.SaveResult Array as feedback.

The problem is that I can't find out in an error scenario, which was the error that failed the Update/Insert of a certain SObject.

For example, I can easily determine if a record was Updated or Inserted successfully, by: 1. Iterating Dabase.SaveResult []

1.1- Checking if isSuccess? - Yes: Read the id of the record - Write some feedback info on it - No(is an error): How to derive here from a SaveResult instance, which SObject failed to update/insert?

Thank you! E.


The order of the SaveResult[] array matches the order of the inserted array.

List<Thing__c> myThings = new List<Thing__c>();


Database.SaveResult[] saveResults = Database.insert(myThings, false);

for (integer x=0; x<myThings.size(); x++) {
    //saveResults[x] is the saveResult of insert myThings[x]
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