I am trying to add multiple value to a multipicklist from apex. I put the value into a list of string and added it don't allow to add, try to add using a string split by ',' but it get added as a single record try to add one by one in this case only the last record get saved. How can i achieve it. Please help me to get the solution.

List<String> picklistValues = new List<String>();
String selected;
picklistValues  = itemChoiceSetconfigItemCodeMap.get(configItemsID);
for(String picklistValue : picklistValues){
   // Add pick list values
   configItem.Chose_Code__c = picklistValue;
//configItem.Chose_Code__c = picklistValues  ;

Please guide me a best way to do this.


These are methods I use for this purpose:

public static String format(Set<String> values) {
    if (values == null) return null;
    List<String> l = new List<String>(values);
    return format(l);

public static String format(List<String> values) {
    if (values == null) return null;
    return String.join(values, ';');

so in your case:

configItem.Chose_Code__c = format(picklistValues);

Multi-select picklist values are stored as a semicolon separated string.

Thus to set a value via apex containing options 'a', 'b and 'c', you'd have something like:


You can add values in a picklist like the following example.

Public String SelectedOppr {set; get;}
 Public List<SelectOption> getOpprortunities(){
      list<SelectOption> OpprList = new list<SelectOption>();     
      for( Opportunity o: childList){ //childList contains the records 
        OpprList.Add(New SelectOption(o.Id,o.Name));     
      return OpprList;

In vf page, you can use this as :

 <apex:selectList value="{!SelectedOppr}" size="5" multiselect="true">
              <apex:selectOptions value="{!Opprortunities}" >

Let me know if this helps.

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