When a primary tab is refreshed, it refreshes all of it's subtabs and application-level custom components. It's possible to prevent the refresh of one of the application-level custom components by overriding it's refresh behavior:

sforce.console.onEnclosingTabRefresh(function() {
  // Whatever you put in here will be run when the page refreshes

We have a situation where in general we want to prevent the application-level custom component from refreshing, but sometimes we want to let it force it's own refresh.

Doesn't work:

A typical Javascript refresh will not really update the page since it won't re-run the controller initialization:


Works, but generates errors:

location = "/apex/{!$CurrentPage.Name}?id={!$CurrentPage.parameters.id}&isdtp=vw"

This Javascript command works, but generates console errors because it doesn't load the console-specific HTML that wraps the visualforce page.

How can I force the refresh of a console component?

I don't see any methods available in the Console Integration guide to force the refresh of a console component; the methods to refresh subtabs won't work since console components don't have that kind of ID.

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