I need to create an approval process that should be handled in a serial manner.

The criteria is based on the sale amount (and not on the discount - which I feel gives me the trouble here)

Step #1 - So, if the sales is < 15k - the sales person can approve it

Step #2 - If Sales is between 15 and 25 - First the sales person needs to approve it, and than the sales director. *that's the requested behavior.

Attached is the current steps I have, but for #3 - since it's marked as a unanimous approval, there is no preset order of the approvers.

enter image description here

How can I make that it will be performed in order? first: sales person - and only if sales person approves, it will move to next approver: second: sales director


I'm seeing possibility of request directly going to 'Sales Director' if Opp amount > 15000 . Because as per process you've built, it will skip Sales person.

Here I'm just seeing possibility of two steps

step 1 sales person approval

: For this criteria should be :

"All records should enter this step".  This should ensure sales person always approve first before records going to director

Step 2 : Sales director should also approve

In this you can put criteria :

Opportunity amount > 15000

You've not mentioned if 3rd person(role) also need to approve if opp amount > 25000

only In that scenario: 2nd step condition should be :

Opportunity amount > 15000 and Opportunity amount < 25000

But then there should 3rd step in which records will enter only if Opportunity amount > 25000 and you've to put 3rd person as approver.

Hope this helps


For best answer please see the link. http://simplysfdc.blogspot.in/2014/07/salesforce-serial-and-parallel-approval.html

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