I am using the below query

Account.Name, AccountId, Add_Phone__c, AssistantName, AssistantPhone, Birthdate, Call_Phone__c, CreatedById, CreatedDate, Department, Description, Edit_Home_Phone__c, Edit_Mobile__c, Edit_Other_Phone__c, Email, EmailBouncedDate, EmailBouncedReason, Fax, FirstName, HasOptedOutOfEmail, Home_Phone__c, HomePhone, Id, IsDeleted, Jigsaw, JigsawContactId, LastActivityDate, LastCURequestDate, LastCUUpdateDate, LastModifiedById, LastModifiedDate, LastName, LeadSource, MailingCity, MailingCountry, MailingPostalCode, MailingState, MailingStreet, MasterRecordId, Mobile_Calculated__c, MobilePhone, Name, Other_Phone__c, OtherCity, OtherCountry, OtherPhone, OtherPostalCode, OtherState, OtherStreet, LastModifiedBy.Name,CreatedBy.Name,Owner.Email, Owner.Id, Owner.Name, Owner.Phone, Owner.Title, OwnerId, Phone, Phone_calculated__c, ReportsToId, Salutation, SystemModstamp, TIMBASURVEYS__Survey__c, Title, (SELECT Name,Id,CreatedDate,Status FROM Assets), (SELECT Id,fprot_key_1__c,fprot_key_2__c,IP_Address__c,CreatedDate,Name,email__c FROM fprot__r), (SELECT CaseNumber,Id,Subject,Priority,CreatedDate,Status,OwnerId FROM Cases), (select Name,Id, ContractNumber, EndDate, StartDate, Status,Owner.Name from ServiceContracts), (SELECT Name,Id,CreatedDate,Item_Name__c,Payer_Status__c,Payment_Date__c,Payment_Gross__c, Payment_Type__c,Payment_Status__c,Transaction_Subject__c,Txn_Type__c FROM Paypal__r) FROM Contact where id='003d000001bLH7I'"; $response = $this->sCon->query($query); echo ""; print_r($response); exit();

Here I am not getting fields from the servicesContract table while the same query returning one records of servicecontract table. I don't know the exact problem i am using PHPToolkit


If you are using the PHP Toolkit, then you can use the DescribeSObject of Enterprise service to get the picklist values of the field.

Here's sample code from salesforce docs which has some code with request & response

  • i have already used DescribeSObject as below $response = $this->sCon->describeSObjects(array('Case')); And it gives the same structure result as you gave me the example but my problem is that i want some specific records for example when we select a value from the RecordType then it takes some value.I am unable to understand that how can i change the values of dropdown fields when a user select a recordType from previous step? Jun 5 '15 at 14:01
  • I am getting these values �� in the Validfor field .How can i decode it using php? Jun 8 '15 at 14:01

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