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Logged in user is a system admin. When I try to post on chatter tab using @communityUser I am not getting user suggestion. Cant we access Community user @mention?

I tried to find an answer here - (Unable to @mention Partner user on chatter feed by Salesforce Internal User)

  • First of all, The answer to above question is related to record post/feed. But i am not posting feed on any record to make it view with the Community base URL. I am trying to post from Chatter tab.

  • Secondly, the answer suggests the visibility of the Chatter post from the internal user must be set to Everyone. The default is internal
    users. - I didn't find any way mentioned in the answer to achieve
    (how to set this visibility?)

Please suggest if I am missing some customization setting to do

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  • @VamsiKrishna i read that but i am having hard time understanding it. can you elaborate? The answer says "Second, the visibility of the Chatter post from the internal user must be set to Everyone. " How to achieve this? – snehakem Jun 4 '15 at 13:52
  • The visibility setting only applies to posts on records. If you're posting to a Chatter group or user profile (including your own profile, which I think is what you're doing), there is no visibility setting to toggle. – alouie Jun 4 '15 at 17:02

Administrators can mention people specific to current community. If that post is in internal community, he can't mention external community users.

Can mention people specific to the current community. User can’t mention an external user on an internal post.

Please refer in the documention Who Can See What in Communities here

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