I have a requirement in which I had to override the Tab of a Custom Object(say My_CustomObject__c)

Using enhancedlist I have overridden the tab as:

<apex:page tabStyle="My_CustomObject__c">
 <apex:enhancedList  type="My_CustomObject__c" height="600" rowsPerPage="50" id="ObjID" customizable="true" />

Now when visit the tab, Edit button of that list is not working. Am I missing something in enhancedlist attribute? And on click of that Custom Object ID page is not redirecting to the detail page of the record. But if I am Opening in New Tab both "Edit" and Detail Page of that record is working fine.

Please help me to fix this issue in EnahncedList.

  • I got it, Instead of using an enhacedlist, I used <apex:page showHeader="true" tabstyle="Account"> <apex:ListViews type="Account" /> </apex:page> and it worked. But its like a related list view, Can I have List view of the Object without New Button? – C. Praveenkumar Aug 11 '15 at 10:16

Finally got what I was searching for

<apex:page action="{!URLFOR($Action.User_Configuration__c.List, $ObjectType.User_Configuration__c)}"/>

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