According to what i found, HttpPost doesn't have size limit, but usually limited by the server to request is sent to (https://serverfault.com/questions/151090/is-there-a-maximum-size-for-content-of-an-http-post).

Is there a size limit for RestContext requestBody (HttpPost) in salesforce? I couldn't find any documentation on limitations regarding HttpPost in salesforce.


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AFAIK it's 6 MB for synchronous Apex or 12 MB for asynchronous Apex.

More info here


If you are asking about size of request body you want to do a post to Rest Resource.. then it is 3 MB. I never get it to work more then 3 MB. I have tested with a traditional JavaScript http post. There could be some work around I am thinking for my solution , one of which could be doing it in chunks by multiple post requests.

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