We're building out some functionality revolving around portal/community users which will partially rely on them being associated with a contact (we have a custom object that looks up to contact). The problem I'm facing is that if we want someone who is an existing user to be able to use the same functionalities, they won't have a contact associated with them if they are a full license user. Making them pay for/create a second user seems like it would not be the best option. Is there a way we can add a contact to an existing User in their system?

Note: I am NOT asking to switch which contact is associated with a portal/community user. This is a user that has no Contact associated with it.

  • Pretty sure you are going to need to use a custom Contact__c lookup on User and you can use Process Builder to populate the standard ContactId lookup value into it whenever it has a value.
    – Adrian Larson
    May 28, 2015 at 2:30

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There is an AppExchange app that does exactly this. It requires that you have an Account where all you Salesforce (not Community) license holders reside.

User Contact Sync

OH! not affiliated with this at all, but I am a user.

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