I have a user with a Salesforce(System Admin) license who is unable to select the Subscribe button on any report. However, users with Salesforce Platform licenses seem to be able to do so. I was hoping someone might know how to adjust permissions to allow this user to Subscribe.



I just ran into this problem and this is a good Success community answer. https://success.salesforce.com/answers?id=90630000000DAtdAAG

So in summary

  • Setup | Customize | Reports & Dashboards | Report Notifications - Enable
  • Setup | Mobile Administration | Notifications | Settings - In App Notifications
  • Ensure it's not a Standard Report

Also - coming in Lightning in Spring '17.

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Salesforce only allows users to Subscribe upto 5 reports. The subscribe button is disabled after subscribing to 5 reports.

The user should first unsubscribe from older subscriptions before signing up for a new one.

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Also, some report types appear not to support subscription. An Opportunities with Historical Trending report I created recently does not display a Subscribe button.

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