Tried to find this in documentation. Had no luck. I am just looking for a sample soap API call so that I could recognize if a given phone number is a mobile/cell phone and also a valid one. Can we achieve this using the exacttarget API ?

Thanks a lot for helping me out here.

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there isn't a method in the Fuel API to validate mobile numbers like there is for validating email addresses.

However, there are a couple of solutions here. You can use a script to validate if the mobile number is in the correct format; Google's libphonenumber is a helpful library for validating international phone numbers.

However, if you want to verify that the mobile number exists (rather than validating the mobile number syntax), then you can use a verification API service like this one to check in real-time whether the phone number actually exists. In turn, this will minimize the quantity of "undeliverable" SMS messages that you send from MobileConnect.

  • Thanks for answering . Libphonenumber indeed gives useful information however it does not tell us if the phone number is a cell phone or landline. for all the examples I tested, the result was "fixed_line_or_mobile".
    – Ashish
    Jun 3, 2015 at 21:08
  • Hello Ashish, according to the readme, getNumberType returns either: Fixed-line, Mobile, Toll-free, Premium Rate, Shared Cost, VoIP or Personal Numbers (whenever feasible). From the tests that I've run, fixed_line refers to a landline. Jun 3, 2015 at 22:08

Also from libphonenumber's readme, [Why did I get FIXED_LINE_OR_MOBILE as the type of my phone number?][1]https://github.com/googlei18n/libphonenumber/blob/9942fbdf8bb5633a6509a60ba210a508b58e494f/FAQ.md#why-did-i-get-fixed_line_or_mobile-as-the-type-of-my-phone-number

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