Today I had a very unusual experience while working on a VF page. It's a very simple page and controller but the results were quite strange. Actually, I am trying to save an Opportunity and if there is any exception, I am displaying the message on VF page.

I was using this piece of code --> It was not displaying the page message as it was entering the try block despite hitting a validation rule.

pageref = controller.view();            
system.debug('inside try '+pageref );
Catch(Exception e){
system.debug('inside catch '+e);
pageref = null;

As soon as I replaced controller.save() by upsert, everything became fine. Error messages started to come on the VF page and I could also see the code getting inside catch block.

Can someone explain why such behavior?

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I checked everything carefully. When using standardcontroller save, Error is captured inside this method and hence catch block is never executed. It's better to do this if using standardcontroller:

Pagereference pageref = null;
pageref = controller.save();
if(pageref == null)
ApexPages.addMessage(new ApexPages.Message(ApexPages.Severity.Error,'ERROR : Please contact the System Admin.'));

In case of upsert, the error can be easily captured in a catch block. I would also advise not to use:

pageref = controller.view(); 

The url returned from save() method would be enough to handle.

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