trying to create an email reference thread id for a custom object. I found the following field formula on the web.


ref:"&LEFT( $Organization.Id , 4)&"0"&RIGHT( $Organization.Id , 4)&"."&LEFT(Id , 4)&"0"&RIGHT(Id , 5)&":ref 

However, when I tried to create the formula field on the custom object, I get the following error message...

"Error: Syntax error. Missing '='".

I'm not sure what that error message means or how to fix it.


Try this as the formula

"[ref:_" & LEFT($Organization.Id,5) & SUBSTITUTE(RIGHT($Organization.Id,11), "0", "" ) & "._" & LEFT(Id,5) & SUBSTITUTE(RIGHT(Id,11), "0", "" ) & ":ref]"
  • When I try to validate the syntax I get the same error message with the following text highlighted "" & LEFT($Organization.Id,5) & SUBSTITUTE(RIGHT($Organization.Id,11), "" and when I add a "=" after the ref:_, I get the following error message "Error: Syntax error. Missing ']'" and the first "0" referenced is highlighted. Again, kinda at a lost here. BTW, thanks for your response – petyrc May 26 '15 at 21:08
  • Here is what I have, which works - dropbox.com/s/mhctbhitmnam8yz/CaseRef.png?dl=0 - does your setup look different? – MarcDBehr May 28 '15 at 19:18

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