The documentation for upserting data extension rows by key uses this as an example URI: https://www.exacttargetapis.com/hub/v1/dataevents/key:SomeKey/rows/Email:someone@exacttarget.com.

Let's say that there are two primary keys for my data extension: Email and ProgramID. How would I construct a URI that contains both of these keys?

I've tried URIs ending with the following:

  • .../rows/Email:someone@exacttarget.com,ProgramID:abcd1234
  • .../rows/[Email:someone@exacttarget.com,ProgramID:abcd1234]
  • .../rows/Email:someone@exacttarget.com/ProgramID:abcd1234

The parameter "primaryKeys" has the type of "array" so you would use the comma character to separate the 2 entries.

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