I am using salesforce to create portal for a school. I am using students and parents as contacts and staff as users. When I am creating students I need to make it manadatory to collect certain documents. For example: for a KG kid I need to collect birth cirtificate or passport copy. And in case of grade 1 or higher I need to collect Transfer cirtificate in addition to standard Date of birth and ID proof. I see a option to attach documents to contact is there a way to link and mandate these documents? Also can I directly save them to google drive since we have limited space on salesforce wheareas the amount of space ,on google drive, is unlimited for educational institutions.

Also incase of users I want to lock their accounts until required documents are submited. I am also building recruitment module so once they are hires I want to create users autmatically. But I want to make sure their account will not be active until their documents are submited.

THe best solution I came up with is creating a seprate table and having picklist for type of document and upload with rich text field. Is there a better standard to do it?

  • mandatory upload of docs with creation of Contact - one option is custom VF page that overrides New button for Contact – cropredy May 22 '15 at 9:23
  • I am not comfortable with Apex yet. I dont mind doing it if it is the last option – user899893 May 22 '15 at 11:24

The simplest solution that I know of for someone who doesn't code would be to install Picture Uploader from the App Exchange (it's Free) and then go to How to Update Picture Uploader to Work with Your Custom Object to get the code you can use to add your documents to a related custom object on which you could create categories like "Transfer certificate", etc which you could set as required fields for different types of new student contacts. I suggest you consider using Publisher or Record Actions to simplify doing this so the fields will be pre-populated.

If you don't attach these to a custom object, you may be limited as to how many images you can upload to a contact record. That's legwork you'll need to sort out for yourself, but hopefully this will at least get you started. At a minimum, you'll need to create the additional fields on your contact object which you can relate to a custom object as look-ups if necessary.

  • Is it possible with apex or workflows to mandate? – user899893 Jul 6 '15 at 22:50
  • You could create a VisualFlow that would take someone through an "interview" of sorts or a decision tree type of thing that required them to upload various documents and complete certain fields when creating a new type of contact which the flow could determine based on the answers to the questions. You could add validation rules to make certain the files had been uploaded before a record could be saved. – crmprogdev Jul 6 '15 at 23:32

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