I have the following Visualforce page and controller:

<apex:page  standardController="sObject" extensions="ExtensionController">


public class ExtensionController{

    public SObject  o {get;set;}

    public ExtensionController( ApexPages.StandardController stdController)
        this.o = stdController.getRecord() ;

        ...API CALL...

I get the following error

sObject does not exist

Is there any way I can do this? My ultimate goal is to be able to include this page in a few objects' layouts.


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When you are extending a page, in the contructor, you need to type cast the stdController.getRecord() value to corresponding object instance. For example (Contact)stdController.getRecord()

For your use case what we can do is to create a generic visualforce component which accept ID of the record. Then get further details using that inside component controller and display in page.

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